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Roswell Crash at Area 51: Was It Really The Russians?

I just finished a book by journalist Annie Jacobsen about the history of "dreamland" called AREA 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base. There is a lot to cover in this book but I want to bring into focus one aspect. Spoiler Warning: Ultimately the theory we are left with is that the alleged extraterrestrial U.F.O. that crashed near Roswell, NM on July 2nd 1947 (including alien bodies) was in fact Russian made and designed. It was purposeful. Stalin was a master of psychological warfare and he approved a plan to scare Americans with a faux alien invasion event to capitalize on the U.F.O. hype that was building up in the news. After all, who could forget the panic that ensued after the War of The Worlds radio broadcast in 1938. The timing was perfect to send a fake U.F.O. into U.S. airspace right after the Kenneth Arnold report of flying saucers. Stalin wanted to create panic. After the war he hatched his theatrical scheme, and somehow manipulated Nazi Joseph Mengele (who by then had already fled to South America) to create deformed humans with large heads and large eyes so as to look like aliens. The deformed people were allegedly children and diminutive in size. In the book it is suggested that Russia had already perfected a craft that did not rely on the usual means of propulsion. A craft that somehow harnessed electromagnetic energy to hover and move through air space virtually undetected. This theoretical high-tech craft with amazing capabilities would have been light years ahead of it's time (even still today), and somehow based off of the Horten "flying wing". Developed in Germany during WWII, the Horton Ho 229 was a very innovative airplane, but it was utilizing advanced concepts of aerodynamics, not anti-gravity. It also must have had stunning stealth capabilities. However, as you can see in this article from Air & Space Magazine, known stealth development was still very primitive at the time, even in Germany. So, already, I think Jacobsen's theory is quite a leap.

For the sake of possibly creating some unmeasurable amount of panic in America, was Stalin really willing to risk sending this super tech into our space without years of testing and perfecting? Why rush? I mean, if he had anti-gravity technology, with a just little patience he could have eventually taken over a multitude of territories with ease. Perhaps including the moon and beyond. The military advantage of this kind of technology could have been the ultimate checkmate on the United States. But instead he wanted to scare us a little? Hm. The aftermath of The War of The Worlds broadcast was not neat and tidy, and it did have a negative effect, but it certainly didn't destroy the fabric of America. Mobs of people weren't running in the streets. One must also consider, that America just came out of a WWII with people whom had, unfortunately, become accustom to swift and harsh adaptation for their own survival and for the greater good of the U.S.A. Stalin must have known that a little scare tactic using fake extraterrestrials and a flying saucer wasn't going to be enough to unnerve the majority of the public. Especially knowing our government would have intervened in one way or another. So did Stalin really think he could panic citizens and our military so easily?

If indeed Stalin was absolutely resolved to create chaos at the risk of exposing his science-fiction level technology, why did he choose the middle of a desert to reveal his master show? It's suggested that spying on secret military bases where clandestine technological research was happening could be a factor. But to do some reconnaissance at the Nevada Test Site, or a theatrics mission using this priceless hypothetical craft just to collect intel or put on a show is a stretch of the imagination. A reconnaissance mission would have been a separate mission with well trained pilots (remotely or on board), and certainly without allegedly deformed and tortured children on board. Only to crash land purposely in a place where the government could easily cover it up. I should think they would have chosen the White House lawn.

If they intended to crash so we may see the fake alien bodies and have the news media perpetuate the story, even when the Army moved to retract its original statement (being it was a crashed UFO of other worldly origin), why didn't the Russian operatives in the U.S. move to stoke the event and keep the story alive? We know Russia had operatives and spies in America and we can safely assume Russian operatives would have been watching closely.

Lastly, by purposely crash landing an anti-gravity craft to trick our military or the public into believing aliens exist, Russia was therefore willing to hand over this astounding, world domination level technology. Literally giving us a reverse engineering gift. To my mind, it simply does not add up.

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