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Alan B. Smith hudson valley ny ufo mufon investigator

Alan B. Smith is the host of the Mystic Lounge and Coffee & UFOs podcasts. He is a MUFON Field Investigator in NY, based in the Hudson Valley. Alan is also the creator and director of the documentary Half Light which looks at the emotional impact on individuals who claim to have had very personal experiences with UFOs, the paranormal, and non-human intelligences.

At the age of twelve, Alan had a life-changing experience with a childhood friend when from the backseat of a car while driving through the New Jersey Pine Barrens, they peered out at the dark, starlit sky and witnessed a UFO. This experience solidified his interest in all aspects of paranormal phenomena including ufology, cryptozoology, parapsychology, and metaphysics. He has followed the ongoing research ever since. His entry into paranormal media began in 2015 as a guest host on Ken Cherry’s EPIC Voyages Radio where he also served as Technical Director. 


On-screen appearances include the documentary Aliens vs. Bigfoot. In 2021 Alan was also featured in, and co-produced the two-part documentary series Sounds of the Dead: EVP and Life After. Alan is the co-producer and co-director of the documentary Born Equal which makes a convincing case for LGBTQ equal rights through the lens of a loving couple, spiritual belief systems, world mythologies, and science. In 2022 Alan gave a lecture on "The Importance of the Paranormal" at the Pine Bush UFO and Paranormal Museum in Pine Bush, NY.


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