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The Secret Language of Spirits and

If only we could all contact spirits outside the visible world or simply from further beyond our reach. I wonder if the world be a better place? After my conversation with William Stillman - combined with all that I’ve seen up until now - I’d have to say yes. Because what William and other psychic mediums claim to do is ultimately a healing process for individuals. When people find more peace, their personal choices, actions, and overall mood is inevitably altered for the better. Multiply this by billions and wallah! we are all that much closer to harmony. If all people could connect with the divine spirits of loved ones that have passed on without having to rely on religious text written by fallible humans or even mediums or psychedelic trips, then there would be no confusion for any of us as to what the afterlife is like. Assuming there is a post-life state of existence where all spirits go, then no matter where we come from the spirits would all share the same message. At least that seems like the logical conclusion.

Would it make sense that your deceased parents come back to tell you to kill others in the name of the realm where they come from; while your neighbor's dead ancestors come from the same place and tell them that it’s all about love and to kill no one? If there is only one shared dimension in the afterlife that all souls originated from - then no it wouldn’t. Because if we could all connect to and learn the language of spirit then we would hear from so many other souls besides just the ones we were familiar with from our Earthly life during a session with a talented medium. If we all were able to tap into the ether we would inevitably hear one collective source which would have one collective message. Religious war simply would not exist. Nor any war because we could all breath in the universally understood divine. We would look at each other as one soul to another soul seeing not only that we have so much more in common, but the most important thing we would have in common: a deeply profound, shared metaphysical view of existence.

Of course this is all postulation. But this is why I love doing these interviews. Every time I get to hear something new, or hear a new take on something old I begin to cross reference these stories in my mind. I am provoked more than I would be otherwise to think on some of the most fascinating topics. I am always listening (and hopefully learning). And I hope you are too. Since we can't all commune with spirits of another plane of existence, do you think if we rake through old and new tales of souls passed on that we will ever come close to finding a universal truth? I would very much like to hear what you have to say on this topic or any other. Please email me, comment on our Facebook page or on Instagram!

Live in the mystery.

Alan B. Smith

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